Move on


“Move on”

Those two words now seem meaningless because of the infinite times they have been uttered in the span of a few years.

I don’t even know what it means anymore.

What does moving on mean?

Do you start a new relationship?

Do you feel numb?

Do you act like it didn’t happen?

Do you just start over and reinvent yourself?


Move on?

And have you moved on if sometimes you still feel hurt?

Have you moved on if sometimes you still have breakdowns?

Have you moved on if sometimes it still comes back to you?

How do you know if you have completed the process of moving on?

Does anyone even know when you have actually and properly moved on?

Or does everything work on assumptions of what moving on should be?

What is the definition of moving on?

Do you act like the past has never happened?

Or do you embrace the past and treat it as a closed book of memories?

Do you forgive and forget and look forward to the future?

Or do you learn to adjust yourself to the pain of today?

And what are the rules of moving on?

Do you act like that person does not exist?

Or do you try to be ‘friends’?

Do you act like your love has been transformed into hatred even though you know that can never be?

Or do you simply forget about that person?

Can you?

What about the years you spent in your ‘breakup phase’?

Do you act like they don’t exist either?

Do you forget them too?

Do you try to make peace with that time period?

Do you profess your hatred towards it?

Or do you feel like those were years wasted on nothing?

What about closure?

How do you get that?

Do you talk it out?

Do you fight it out?

Do you make peace?

But what if you can’t?

Do you still get closure?

Is there another way?

Will you ever be able to forget everything that person made you feel?

Do you suppress all those feelings deep inside?

Do you forget them too?

Can you?


Dear people who preach about moving on,

Please answer these questions and then you can tell us to let it go.


The heartbroken.


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