Ode to the Soul


Fade away into the night

Extinguishing the fearsome light

The darkness consumes

The mind presumes

What of life? Tis but an illusion

The grandeur of falsities

Wander around the memories

What of nature? Tis but a facade

Nothing but a shadow of persecution

Unchartered emotions and pitiful allusion

What of ambition? Tis but a winding path

Of harrowing quests and hardships

Losing the meaning of words expelled from lips

Look away, oh dear thoughts

Can’t bear to face the reality

Transcend into tranquility

Seemingly the only option

When questioning escape

From it all

The smoke ignites

The lonliness

The fear

The doubt

The realization

Of failure unsound

Of unfulfilled promises

Engulfing the mind

In a sphere of permanence

Fight on

Move on

Forward and beyond

But what of your heart?

Being crushed under it all

Fearing the next fall

Until the very last breath

Freedom only being plausible in death.


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