Matchmaker Matchmaker


Matchmaker Matchmaker
Make me a match
Fill my head with lies
Tell me he’s a catch.

Matchmaker Matchmaker
Let him steal my heart
Whisper in my ear
About how we are to never part.

Matchmaker Matchmaker
When he crushes my soul
Help me through my regret
And the longing to be whole.

Matchmaker Matchmaker
When I take him back
Blind my eyes to his faults again
Do not let his façade crack.

Matchmaker Matchmaker
Let him rip me apart
For from those bitter memories
My fingers will compose art.

Matchmaker Matchmaker
Then accept my gratitude
For giving me a muse
And then whisking him away too.

Matchmaker Matchmaker
When the true one comes along
My broken spirit will not give in
Let him stay and prove me wrong.

Matchmaker Matchmaker
When it all ends well
You’ll know I’d have
Escaped my personal hell.

Matchmaker Matchmaker
That’ll be the worthy match
When my heart will finally
Earn it’s mending patch.

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